23 The Fab Four This cruise includes Liverpool docks, the Liverpool Link, Wigan Pier & the Wigan flight of 21 Locks. With docks, city, countryside, humour (Wigan Pier?) & what is now a great flight of locks this cruise really is fab. Starting either in Liverpool or at the top of the Wigan flight we pass through cities, countryside & lovely villages. One of our favourite spots are the dry docks at the top of the Rufford branch. With the docks themselves & the picturesque workers cottages it really is lovely. Along the way we will ;  Stay by Liverpool's historic waterfront  Cruise through some Lovely countryside  Go through Locks galore  Pass by the famous Wigan Pier  See lots of wildlife  Sail past the Three Graces on one side and ocean going cruise ships on the other!  Have time to explore vibrant Liverpool , its museums and galleries Liverpool waterfront, the new link, Wigan Pier & Wigan Flight This cruise is 6 nights In either direction between Wigan & Liverpool